Quilts & Fiber Art

A “Quilt” is …

1.  A bed coverlet of two layers of cloth filled with padding (as down or batting) held in place by ties or stitched designs
2.  Something that is quilted or resembles a quilt

1.  To fill, pad, or line like a quilt
2.  To stitch, sew, or cover with lines or patterns like those used in quilts
3.  To stitch (designs) through layers of cloth
4.  To fasten between two pieces of material
5.  To stitch or sew in layers with padding in between

Middle English quilte mattress, quilt, from Anglo-French coilte, from Latin culcita mattress

— from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary


“Fiber Art” is …

“… includes any type of artwork which uses linear, pliable elements – fibers – as a major material. Fiber art may be constructed by methods traditionally associated with textile fibers such as stitching, weaving, dyeing, etc. Fiber art may consist of objects traditionally associated with textiles including (actual or virtual) clothing, rugs, linens, wall hangings, etc. Who defines fiber art? The artist, the audience, the critic, the curator.”

— from Susan Taber Avila


Whether you want to enter your quilt or fiber art into a contest

or you’d like to document your fine work for posterity, I’d love to get your images into high-quality photo files that can be preserved and shared for all to enjoy!

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