Services & Pricing

For Contests:

Full Quilt Image + 3 Closeups of Quilt + Your Signature/Label — $50 per quilt/item


For other Documentation:

Full Quilt Image + Your Signature/Label — $45 per quilt/item


Terms and Conditions:

Each order for quilt/fiber art photography will require my Order Form. To save time, you can download it here (see the link below), fill it out, and keep it with your quilts/items until they are received by me.  Otherwise, forms will be available at the photo shoot.

I will do my best to keep copies of your final images safe so that you can consider me as one of your backupsHowever, I cannot make any guarantees.  I promise that I will not use any of these images for any purpose other than what we have agreed and have stated on the Order Form, unless you agree otherwise in writing.

Respectfully, I reserve the right to refuse my photography services to anyone at my discretion.

Thank you for considering what I have to offer you.  I look forward to seeing you soon so that I can procure for you the best possible images of your amazing work!


Yvette Weilacker, Photographer

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