Top Ten List

why you want a professional to photograph your quilt:

10. Your Blog … share the story of  your art!

19. Home Decor … your high-quality image can be super-sized!

18. Magazine Articles … submit your art and discuss the process!

17. Scrapbooks … this is your portfolio!

16. Greeting Cards and Calendars … share your art!

15. Computer Wallpaper … enjoy your art!

14. Social Media … show your friends!

13. Insurance File … what is your art worth?!

12. Competition … show your work at its best!

why you want a professional to photograph your quilt:

(drum roll, please!)

1. Documentary Purposes … before you give it away.  And before you forget how many you’ve made!

You spend HOURS and your HEART AND SOUL to create this work of ART.
Memorialize it with an image that you can appreciate with the professional color, detail, and image resolution you need for documentation, contests, and sharing.

NOTE THAT FOR COMPETITION, each contest has its own set of rules and guidelines.  I will perform the necessary research to make sure all contest photography requirements are met.


To make an appointment or for inquiries …

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