Ways to Book your Photo Shoot

1.  Have your quilts photographed WHILE YOU SHOP!

Can you can get your friends or fellow guild members with 5 – 6 quilts to photograph?
Contact me to book a group photo shoot at one of your local quilt/sewing shops.
See my price list page.


2.  Invite me to your location.

Add the cost of transportation (negotiable) to my price list.
I will need an unobstructed area of 10′ x 15′ with no objects between floor and ceiling.
Contact me for a quote.


3.  QUILT GUILDS:  Book a shoot — get cash back!

Organize a group quilt photo shoot (6-8 quilts in one day / cost of $50 per quilt/item), and get 25% PERCENT BACK to YOUR GUILD!
We can photograph at a local quilt/sewing shop classroom or any location the guild can provide.  Contact me to book it.


Once my portable studio is set up, please allow 30-45 minutes for each quilt or fiber art piece to be photographed.

Please have a sewn-on rack sleeve.  If no sleeve, allow time before your shoot to have my removable sleeve pinned to your art.

See the Services & Pricing page for more information.


To make an appointment, or for any questions or comments

call or text Yvette at … WEB phone

Or email to … Email


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